the Quadovator's Fan-On Light/Switch kit for all Polaris

This mod employs an Otto dustproof and waterproof illuminated on/off rocker switch. It has the same physical dimensions as the “work light” switch on the late model Sportsmans and can be mounted vertically or horizontally in the pod. This switch is designed to light up when turned on, but for this application we have it set up so the light in the switch will illuminate when the fan comes on no matter if the switch is in the on or off position.

So here's the performance scenario. With the switch in the OFF position your cooling fan cycles as it normally would. The only difference is the light in the switch comes on (glows amber) to let you know the system has turned the fan on and the light goes off when the fan stops running. This is your FAN-ON INDICATOR LIGHT. The switch in the ON position turns the fan (and the light) on, so if you anticipate hot running conditions you can switch the fan on ahead of time or keep it on longer than it normally would be. Turning the switch OFF may or may not turn the fan off. If the machine's thermo fan switch senses the system is hot enough that it needs the fan it will keep running no matter what position the new switch is in. This is a fail-safe feature. You can override the stock system to turn the fan on but you can't override it to turn the fan off. What a great companion to the Temp Gauge Kit! With both mods installed in your pod, at a glance you can read your cooling system temp AND know if your fan is running or not. These two bits of information combine to offer you a LOT bigger picture of how the cooling system is performing than either one separately. If your fan light is on, the needle on your temp gauge had better be falling or stationary and about to fall. A running fan and rising temp will instantly alert you to a cooling system problem before it becomes extreme.

Installation does not require you cut any wires if you want to use the blue tap connectors that are provided with the kit. One wire taps into the fan wiring, the other two wires tap into switched power and ground. After that it’s just a matter of deciding where you want to mount the switch in your pod, cutting the hole and snapping it in. As usual, all wiring, connectors and detailed instructions are included with the kit. Ask for The Fan-On Light / Switch kit, $21 + shipping (about $3 within the US)

ORDER INFO - It’s easy to order from Quadovator. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have by phone or email but we DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT INFO BY PHONE. Just send us a brief email listing what products you want, the model and year of your machine(s) and your shipping address. We’ll respond by email with an acknowledgement of your order, in stock status, and a SECURE INVOICE for your payment info. When the invoice comes back to us your order will be on its way to you. And yes, we do ship worldwide. Click here to ORDER

A note from us on pricing..........You may notice the price for this mod has risen slightly. Since 2005 when we began offering other riders modifications that included Otto switches, because they’re the most reliable controls available, our retail pricing for these kits has not changed. Although we’ve absorbed several cost increases during those years to keep the cost of these kits what we consider affordable, recently Otto has increased our cost again by nearly 25%. As much as we hate to do it, we now have no choice but to pass a portion of this increase on to our customers or stop offering these popular modifications. 2/28/12