the Quadovator's 3 Headlight Mod for all Polaris w/ Pod headlight and Ranger

If you’re as frustrated as we were about the inability to turn on all three headlights for night riding here’s your simplest and most reliable solution. After installation, when you turn your stock handlebar switch to low, just the two low beams light up. When you turn it to high all three lights come on, as it should be, end of story. There are no extra switches or extraneous hardware. This kit can be installed without cutting any wires. Installation is a simple procedure of unscrewing the top of the headlight pod, finding the proper two wires and installing the diode pack between them. Works on all Polaris models with handlebar pod headlight. Easy to follow instructions and solderless connectors included. Ask for the 3 Headlight Mod. $12 +shipping (about $2 within the US)

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